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New Digital Flow Switch Manifold from SMC offers centralised control

New Digital Flow Switch Manifold from SMC offers centralised control

A new digital flow switch manifold from SMC simplifies the flow and temperature control of production lines and facilities by housing switches in a single manifold.

The PF3WB/C/S/R is a new digital flow switch manifold that centralises flow and temperature control of the different lines located throughout a facility.  

By housing the flow switches within a single manifold, rather than on each line, this latest innovation from SMC not only saves inspection time, but installation is much easier and speedier due to minimal piping.  

Customers also benefit from further flexibility with the option of three different manifold designs – basic (B), straight (C) and supply and return (S/R) – making the PF3W manifold ideal for semi-conductor, metal processing, automotive and general automation industries.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “We are always looking to develop solutions that will help our customers operate as efficiently as possible and we have achieved this with the new PF3W manifold.  Not only does it save time and increase productivity, but it is up to 65 per cent lighter than similar models with a further space saving reduction of as much as 85 per cent.”

With the flow switch, additional time savings are achieved thanks to a 3-screen display, that simultaneously shows the current flow rate and a selectable value range – set, hysteresis, bottom or peak – that appears red or green when within the acceptable range.  

Furthermore, the flow switches are IO-Link compatible, reducing overall costs and increasing efficiencies. An integrated temperature sensor further improves machine availability by predicting the maintenance of the cooling water.

For more information about the PF3W manifold, please see SMC’s Digital Catalogue.

Jan 17, 2020