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SMC launches new multi-channel digital sensor monitor

SMC launches new multi-channel digital sensor monitor

The monitoring of multiple lines within a plant has become easier thanks to SMC’s new PSE200A 3-screen display, multi-channel digital sensor monitor.

SMC’s latest addition to its Sensor and Switches range centralises the monitoring of various sensors using an IO-Link compatible 3-screen monitor.  

Any sensor that consumes less than 50 mA and an output of 1-5 VDC can be connected to the PSE200A, offering an all in one solution for monitoring every aspect of line production from pressure to flow and electrostatics to temperature.

It has four channels, so up to four sensors can be connected at the same time, significantly downsizing the space required for installation.  

A spokesperson from SMC said: “The PSE200A series meets the needs of our customers as it saves costs, improves overall process efficiencies and machine availability due to being IO-Link compatible.  It can be used as a hub between the IO-Link master and sensors, converting analogue data to a digital format which increases data availability that can be accessed remotely any time, any place.

“It can also detect the pressure differential between two points, so the ‘clogging’ status of filters on two different lines can be monitored remotely at the same time, allowing for smart FRL and preventative maintenance, which is an important requirement for our customers.”

Additional design benefits of the PSE200A include being able to change the field settings while checking the measured values, where up to three sensors can be shown simultaneously thanks to a 3-screen display.  Furthermore, it features a user friendly, quick 3-step setting with snapshot function.

For more information about the PSE200A, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Mar 13, 2020