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SMC launches an all-in-one super silent and energy saving vacuum ejector and pump system

SMC launches an all-in-one super silent and energy saving vacuum ejector and pump system

SMC has given its popular all-in-one vacuum unit ejector and pump system a refresh with the launch of the ZK2-A series. The latest incarnation offers customers superb efficiencies in terms of space, energy, maintenance and noise.

Automation solutions provider SMC continues to create components that drive production efficiencies through innovation and design – and the latest product to benefit from this approach is its popular ZK2 ejector/pump vacuum.

The new ZK2-A has been designed with flexibility in mind and is fully interchangeable with the ZK2 series, sharing the same mounting pitch and port sizes.  Plus, it maintains the original energy saving features, including a digital pressure switch that reduces air consumption by up to 90 per cent and a two-stage ejector, which increases suction flow by up to 50 per cent while decreasing air expenditure.  

However, the latest design has a range of new enhancements that helps improve productivity.  The check valve is now integrated into the body gasket, preventing fitting errors or it dropping down when replacing the filter case.  And the long lock nut comes as standard, improving control of the vacuum break flow adjusting needle.

Customers also benefit from the ease of retrofitting the ZK2-A with the DIN rail mount as well as replacing or upgrading components in the ejector/manifod, such as vacuum pressure sensors.  

A spokesperson from SMC said: “The ZK2-A series has all the benefits of the original all-in-one design with integrated components and reduced wiring, making it exceptionally compact and lightweight.  However, this latest version features a highly effective exhaust noise silencer, with improved suction flow rate of up to 20 per cent, creating healthier working environments, versatility and energy savings.”

The ZK2-A’s configuration makes it an ideal component for a variety of applications, such as packaging and unpacking, transfer and panel conveyor.  It is especially suitable where space is tight on general equipment or for moving robots when the space for the ejector is limited.

For more information about the ZK2-A, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at


Jun 12, 2020