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SMC unveils lightweight and high efficient multistage ejector

SMC unveils lightweight and high efficient multistage ejector

SMC has renewed its multistage ejector range with the, ZL1/ZL3/ZL6 series, in response to weight reduction demand that comes from the growing use of robotics. This addition to SMC’s vacuum range meets the suction flow requirements for workpieces with high levels of leakage, while also delivering energy efficiencies.

SMC has launched a high efficiency multistage ejector series that is compact and lightweight in design but big in terms of suction power.

The three stage diffuser construction design of the ZL1/ZL3/ZL6 delivers an increased suction flow rate of 250% when compared to a one stage model. Furthermore, the release of the ZL3 and ZL6 comes along with an increase in maximum suction flow rate of up to 600 l/min.

This latest ejector from SMC is ideal for workpieces with porous or uneven surfaces such as cardboard or wooden materials that are widely used in packaging industries.

Despite its powerful suction capabilities, this new series is incredibly lightweight.  Together, with its compact design, the load burden is reduced on the moving parts of industrial robots.  Also thanks to the compact body, the machines can be downsized as the components for the multistage ejector – such as the three-stage diffuser, vaccum pressure sensor, supply and release valves, filter and silencer – can be integrated within one unit.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “The new ZL enables our customers to work collaboratively and seamlessly with cobots to maintain their competitive advantage in quality, cost and efficiency.  

“Our renewed three stage ejector also reduces air consumption. The ZL1 has a reduction of approximately 10%, without compromising on suction capacity.  We have achieved this energy saving by reducing the supply pressure for peak vacuum pressure to just 0.33 MPa, consuming only 57 l/min. The ZL3 and ZL6 have the option of having a pressure switch with energy saving function mounted, which reduces air consumption up to 90% by cutting off supply air when desired vacuum is reached”.

Tools are also no longer required for replacing the silencer and air filter in ZL1, reducing the time required for maintenance and inspection. On the other hand, ZL3 and ZL6 make branch piping easier thanks to the possibility of selecting the double port, providing further labour savings.

For more information about the new ZL1/ZL3/ZL6, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

May 15, 2020