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SMC launches space saving thermo-chiller

SMC launches space saving thermo-chiller

The new HRR rack-mounted thermo-chiller from SMC has been designed for installers where space is an issue. It also delivers efficiencies in terms of installation and maintenance, as it can be adjusted and maintained while installed in a rack.

SMC has responded to market demand by releasing a new rack-mounted thermo-chiller that is compact in size but big in outstanding features.

Mountable in a 19-inch rack, the HRR saves space by allowing multiple systems to be housed together, reducing set-up time.  Further installation efficiencies are gained as a filter for particles, bypass piping, a bypass valve and flow sensor are all built-in as standard, with the option for a de-ionised water filter.

Maintenance of the HRR is made easy thanks to a front access design that allows key components to be replaced and adjusted without dismantling the thermo-chiller from its rack.   In addition, 23 alarm codes and conditions can be displayed to aid self-diagnosis.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “At SMC we are always looking at ways to help our customers drive operating efficiencies.  The HRR is a great example of where great design meets great quality in terms of productivity and reliability.”

The HRR is extremely reliable with temperature stability of ±0.1 °C.  It also has the capacity to generate heat, without the need for a heater, offering ongoing temperature stability during the colder winter months, resulting in a more consistent process and improved end of line product quality.

Available in a wide variety of models with cooling capacities ranging from 950 W to 5000 W (50 Hz) and heating capacities of 200 W to 1000 W (50 Hz), the HRR is ideal for a number of applications, including laser oscillator, laser machining, laser marker, X-ray (digital) instrument and electronic microscope.

For more information about the HRR, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Mar 12, 2021