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Less wiring and more fieldbus compatibility with new SMC valve/ejector combination manifold

Less wiring and more fieldbus compatibility with new SMC valve/ejector combination manifold

The new JSY & ZK2-A valve and ejector combination manifold from SMC not only simplifies pneumatic systems in applications requiring both positive and negative pressure (vacuum), it also reduces wiring requirements, provides complete compatibility with multiple fieldbus communication protocols and eliminates pressure fluctuations.

Until now, if a customer needed both positive and negative pressure, it was necessary to mount two different manifolds: one for the valves controlling the pneumatic actuators and another for the vacuum ejectors and pads. Now however, SMC has combined two proven products – its compact JSY series 5-port solenoid valve manifold and ZK2-A vacuum ejector manifold – into a single unit.

Less wiring, more space
Easily adaptable to all installation types, the principal benefit is a reduction in wiring as there is only one electrical entry for the entire manifold. This concept not only reduces cabling cost and connection time, but also saves valuable space within moving systems such as robots and reduces the number of modules to connect/disconnect. In addition, the total manifold length is shorter than that of the separate manifolds despite providing up to 32 outputs combined (2 to 24 valve stations, and 1 to 8 ejectors).

With the JSY & ZK2-A there are more fieldbus communication protocol options for the remote control and monitoring of manufacturing processes, as users can take advantage of the serial interface units that go with the JSY series to provide simultaneous control of the vacuum ejectors. It therefore becomes possible to control both valves and ejectors with up to 15 protocols - including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT and IO-Link - as well as SMC’s wireless system.

Keep calm under pressure
Compared with the very few combination products available on the market, SMC’s JSY & ZK2-A offers a notable difference. The unit connects the valve manifold and vacuum ejector manifold using a special end plate, allowing users to take advantage of a separate system for the supply and exhaust of each part of the unit. This configuration contrasts to competitor solutions where the same supply and exhaust serve both valves and ejectors. The benefit of SMC’s JSY & ZK2-A is that it negates pressure fluctuations and unstable valve operation as each product has its own independent supply and exhaust structure. As a point of note, there is no compromise in vacuum pressure, suction flow or responsiveness.

Thanks to the valve's impressive flow-size ratio (up to 567 l/min flow rate), users can reduce total process times and boost OEE, while the vacuum manifold system with up to eight ejectors provides a highly flexible solution for design engineers. Reduced installation time and less maintenance add further to the list of advantages available with SMC’s new JSY& ZK2-A. The product is set to benefit a multitude of assembly, transfer and material handling applications, including the transportation of workpieces with holes, irregular surfaces or complex shapes, as well as cardboard box forming processes.

Jul 1, 2022