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Power clamp cylinder selector

Robust clamp in an easy way

Do you want to avoid spending time analysing which is the power clamp you need for your applications? Do you want to avoid doing calculations to select the correct size?

Power clamp cylinders are frequently used for clamping operations in environments exposed to sparks from arc or spot welding, such as in the automotive industry, but making a correct selection may be a complex task.

By introducing your application’s parameters, this tool will help you with the selection of the clamp cylinder and the clamp arm you need.

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Series Included

CKZ3: Ø 50, Ø 63
CKZ2N: Ø 50, Ø 63, Ø 80
CKZT: Ø 25, Ø 40, Ø 50, Ø 63, Ø 80

Terms of use

1. The sizing and calculation results obtained from this Software can differ from those obtained using actual equipment.
2. When using any equipment contained in this Software, please read the “Safety Instructions”, “Precautions”, “Specific Product Precautions” and “Specifications" described in the manual for the equipment.
3. This Software and the equipment contained in it are subject to change without prior notice.
4. SMC does not warrant the quality with this Software including any of the accuracy of the sizing and calculation results obtained from this Software.
5. SMC is not responsible for any damage incurred in the use of this Software.

System requirements

The following browsers/versions are recommended for using the web version:

  • Google Chrome 77.0 or higher versions.
  • Mozilla Firefox 70.0 or higher versions.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher versions.
  • Microsoft Edge 17 or higher versions.
  • Safari 11.0 or higher versions.