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SMC has been at the forefront of pneumatic technology for over 60 years, offering customers an unrivalled range of energy efficient air cylinders that deliver a solution for every need.

True pioneers, having been one of the first to create an air cylinder with an integrated guide, SMC is continuously innovating to guarantee our products meet the latest in automation demands.  

Our air cylinder range offers, lightweight, space saving solutions that are designed to drive down costs and drive up productivity.  
We are here to support you every step of the way, thanks to our European wide team of experts and quick delivery times, so find out how you can achieve more with SMC in four simple steps.

Let us make a primary cylinder selection for you

“SMC’s main European factory is strategically located in the Czech Republic, guaranteeing quick delivery times across the continent, where we currently serve over 30 countries and have the capacity to produce more than 500,000 cylinders annually.  We are dedicated to producing the very best in class air cylinders, with the skills and flexibility to adapt our components to meet individual customer requirements.”

Vratislav Stanek | Czech factory manager

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Having clocked up decades of pneumatic technology expertise, SMC is proud of its reputation for being at the forefront of compressed air cylinder innovation, offering customers high quality, cost efficient, flexible and reliable solutions.

SMC’s wide range of air cylinders enables us to meet, and often exceed, our customers’ requirements in terms of performance, accuracy, compactness, efficiency and safety. We also have a solution, as standard, for most applications that meet today’s automation challenges for compact and lightweight machinery and energy efficiency. Discover our comprehensive range:

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Cylinder selection

At SMC we are committed to making the product selection and design process as easy and seamless as possible for customers.

Our integrated omni-channel approach means our customers have the best of both worlds: intuitive online product selection, configuration and design tools for complex pneumatic and electric systems, as well as that human connection with access to one of our 1,500 expert engineers, located in 30 countries across Europe.

Sizing & Selection tools

Designing tools


There may be occasions when you require a customised air cylinder to meet your specific automation needs. No matter how bespoke your request, whether environmental or technical, our experienced engineers are on hand to help you design the cylinder that’s right for you.

From modifying the rod end shape to an intermediate stroke or creating a low friction cylinder, we have the answer.  In addition, our accessories range, allows us to assemble a full suite of solutions including speed controllers and auto switches to shock absorbers and floating joints.

Order fulfilment

Product quality and speed of delivery are key when it comes to choosing a trusted component partner. At SMC we understand the challenges you face when it comes to supply chain management, so we focus on making the experience as seamless as possible.

With a strong infrastructure throughout Europe, featuring our main factory in the Czech Republic and central warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium, we can respond quickly to the demands of globalisation and fast changing customer requirements.