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ZP3P Series

Introduce adaptability in your handling

Do you need stable absorption & handling on film packaging applications?

Do you pick up workpieces that deform during adsorption?
Do you need to prevent damage in the workpiece? Or prevent wrinkles maybe?

ZP3P Series has been developed as the handling answer to all of the above. Some materials and workpieces can be a real challenge for efficient absorption. Handling elements such as vinyl or film without leaving wrinkles on them is now guaranteed with this pad. Our vacuum pad also ensures the proper holding of pieces that deface during the manipulation.

ZP3P bright blue colour and the FDA stamp makes it a user-friendly pad in the food industry.

With our ZP3P Series you will:

  • Ensure an adequate handling of uneven, soft, variable or very thin (film-wrapped even) workpieces - Sealing skirt design & stopper support in the centre to help wrinkle prevention
  • Use it safely in Food & Medical environments - Silicone rubber compliant with FDA 21CFR§177.2600
  • Spot it easily during contamination inspections - Blue coloured pad.

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See for yourself how ZP3P Series will "Introduce adaptability in your handling"