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J Cylinders

Fit for purpose – Maximum efficiency

Are you up to an efficiency breakthrough?

SMC´s J Cylinders have been specially designed to maximise your efficiency through an optimisation of their weight and dimensions. By employing our J Cylinders in your application, you will:

• Achieve cost-efficient machines – By downsizing other components
• Increase your productivity - Improved cycle times due to cylinder’s lightness
• Reduce the dimensions of your machine – Reduced dimensions.

J Cylinders related information

See for yourself how the J Cylinders "Fit for purpose - maximum efficiency"

Products & Tools:

Explore our air cylinders product portfolio to find your perfect solution

  • Cylinders

  • Grippers

  • Speed Controllers

  • Accessories



Speed Controllers



See below few application examples where SMC´s J Cylinders have maximised efficiency:

Analysers in Life Science

Transfer system or handling

Analysers in Life Science

Automotive industry

Robotic manipulation/handling

Automotive industry

Capital good

Big movable tools

Capital good