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MQR, Rotary joint

Include smoothness in your rotary applications

Do you want to prevent machine stops?
Do you want to reduce leakage?
What if this could reduce your costs?

The MQR Series rotary joint has been specially designed to solve these problems, allowing the connection of different pneumatic circuits thereby preventing the tubing from wearing out. This solution can be easily integrated in rotary applications and guarantees a long product lifetime.

With SMC's Rotary joint you:

  • Prevent machine stops due to tube wear - Connect pneumatic circuits from a stationary inlet to a rotating outlet
  • Choose which best suits you - 1 to 16 circuits available, as well as metal & rubber seal
  • Reduce your labour time - Piping ports are aligned in spiral line.

Does this product suit your needs?

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See for yourself how with SMC’s MQR you can Include smoothness in your rotary applications