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ZL Series

A light efficient push to your suction

Do you need to mount the ejector at the robots’ moving parts? Do you pick up workpieces that require high suction capacity? Do you need to absorb workpieces with high vacuum leakage?

ZL Series multistage ejector has been developed as the answer to all of the above. Multistage ejectors considerably improve the relation between air consumption and suction capacity. Their design allows suction flow to be more than doubled while the supplied air does not vary. All these in a lightweight and compact body, with the components for the vacuum ejector integrated in the one unit. The 3-stage diffuser construction also eliminates the need for extra ejectors, thereby increasing energy efficiency.

In short, with ZL Series you will:

  • Perform suction with a very light solution – The ideal  solution for robots' moving parts
  • Introduce efficiency in your vacuum applications – High suction flow with 3-stage diffuser construction
  • Obtain a wide range of applications – Higher maximum suction flow rate
  • Minimise your air consumption – Energy-saving function is available

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