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Energy Efficiency Software

Let´s put some numbers to energy efficiency

Our Energy Saving Software aims to create awareness of the energy consumption of your pneumatic equipment and to encourage optimisation of its air consumption so you can begin cutting your costs while reducing CO2 emissions.

It's been specifically developed to provide a basic understanding of air parameters such as air consumption, flow rate, pressure and humidity.

This software includes:

  • 20 mathematical ways to calculate both air and energy savings using six SMC model options.
  • Develop pneumatic line (circuit piping) performance calculations including compressed air tank fill and discharge (pressure response).

How to proceed

Extract the downloaded file into the temporary folder of your choice and run "setup.exe". You may delete the temporary folder after the installation is completed.

System requirements

  • Pentium III processor 600MHz or higher
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32bits/64bits)
  • Up to 400 MB of available hard disk space

Start saving

*Software technical details: Energy Saving Software v.4.1.05 (59 MB)

Would you like to “Energise your efficiency”?

Visit our energy efficiency web area and see how

Saving assessment tools

Got a couple of minutes?

Air consumption calculators

Simple saving calculators

Our simple saving online calculators will tell you how many euros you will save by installing SMC’s energy solutions such as: VXE valves, VMG blow gun, AS-R/AS-Q speed controllers, ZK2 vacuum unit and VEX-X115 stand-by valve.