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Vacuum Flow – ZHV

Blow your air consumption away

  • Maximise your energy efficiency – Multiplies air supply for blowing and suction by 4 and 3 respectively
  • Ensure performance in high-flow applications – Adjustable performance to blow up to 6820 l/min and vacuum up to 5270 l/min
  • Free up machine space – Compact and lightweight solution with reduced internal volume and as light as 46 grams
  • Operate & maintain it simply – Air-driven, maintenance-free solution.

And much more

  • Fluid passage diameters [mm]: Ø 13, Ø 21.6, Ø 30 and Ø 42
  • Turning the nozzle anticlockwise increases the flow rate (vacuum pressure increases)
  • Turning the nozzle clockwise decreases the flow rate (vacuum pressure decreases)
  • Mounting bracket and dust bag available.

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