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February 2017

Dear Reader,
The slow movement, in very basic terms, is about attention and nurturing. It is not about doing things slowly but about finding the right speed with which to do something in a way that values quality over quantity.

In an automation context, as well as in life, it is important to find the right speed. That is why this month we present 2 series of speed controllers for getting your cylinder to work at the required cadence. Both solutions are designed to adjust and control the speed in a fast and a simple way. No more misadjustments, no more difficulties with control.

What about slowing down together?

Welcome to the January edition of the e-Matters
The e-matters Team



AS & AS-FS Series - Speed Controllers

Control the speed of your cylinder. Easier. Faster

        This month we present our range of push-lock type speed controllers: one with window indicator (AS-FS Series) and the other one without (AS Series). Both series available in elbow, universal and in-line.
  • Ease the assembly and maintenance - Large push-lock type handle that facilitates the adjustment and locking
  • Speed up the flow setting and control - Numerical indication window with 4 selectable orientations
  • Use it as a single unit or integrated in a manifold (in-line type only)
  • Improve your process quality - high adjustment reproducibility

 For all AS / AS-FS Series Information, please click here >>>>
        AS / AS-FS Series is the ideal solution for any application where controlling the speed of the cylinder is critical. For example when the speed needs to be adjusted depending on the size and materials that are handled.


  More Innovations this month


IZF10 Series - Fan Type Ionizer
Fast static removal in your hands

  • Remove static wherever you want - portable compact and light solution, ideal for those locations with no air supply
  • Reduce your consumption - rapid neutralisation in as little as 1.3 seconds
  • Reduced downtime - enhanced monitoring process

 For all IZF10 Series Information, please click here >>>>
  IZF10 now incorporates a flow rate adjustment function which makes it the ideal solution for removing static from close proximity installations or light workpieces. For example, when welding tiny balls in a semiconductor mounting process.


CJ2-Z 6 Series - Standard Air Cylinder
Basic mini-round cylinder with a premium dash

CJ2 has expanded the features in its smaller size model. This completes the series by including bore sizes 10 and 16.

  • Mount it as you wish 6 mounting types, 2 rod end brackets
  • Get piping flexibility perpendicular and axial options
  • Reduce your assembly and maintenance costs Fine auto switch position adjustment just by loosening one screw

 For all CJ2-Z 6 Series Information, please click here >>>>
  CJ2-Z 6 Series is the ideal solution for handling operations such as flipping, lifting or turning workpieces.



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