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June 2017

Dear Reader,

The origin of modern-day flip-flops takes us back to the US in the decade of the 1950's. For their easy design, American factories looked to the zori: the everyday Japanese sandal.

The secret of their success lay in their simplicity; after all, summer really is a time for embracing simplicity. So, June is the perfect month to present our latest speed controller; the air saving version. Simply Save.

This month also reveals the latest two New Product videos.

Put your flip-flops on, and let's stroll through the summer together.

Welcome to the June edition of the e-Matters,
The e-matters Team


  Innovations at a glance

AS-R & AS-Q Series - Air Saving Speed Controllers

Simply Save

        Control the speed of your cylinder and be energy efficient. If your cylinder performs a return stroke with no load, this speed controller can reduce your air consumption by up to 30 %.
  • Save on your air consumption - Reduce the pressure on the return stroke (set at 0.2 MPa)
  • Operate it easily - Just adjust the cylinder speed to your requirements
  • Keep up your productivity - No delay in the response time.

 Learn all about the AS-R & AS-Q Series here >>>>

SMC's Air Saving Speed Controllers are the ideal solution for applications which transfer a workpiece during the working stroke and with no workpiece (or load) during the return stroke. The air consumption can be reduced thanks to the regulator that is integrated into the Air Saving Speed Controller.


  SMC's summer refreshments


SMC’s J Cylinders - Fit for purpose - Maximum efficiency

With SMC J Cylinders you will:

  • Achieve cost-effi cient machines - By downsizing other components
  • Increase your productivity - Improved cycle times due to cylinder’s lightness
  • Reduce the dimensions of your machine - Highly compact.

 Learn all about the J Cylinders here >>>>

MHM-X6400 Series - Magnetic Gripper

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