Along with wireless unit improvement & a peek into our sensors & switches
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November 2018     

Dear Reader,

It’s been ten years already since we first appeared in your mailbox. In ten years we’ve experienced a big change in the way we communicate with the eruption of whatsapp and the social media outburst. We saw Bob Dylan receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. But if we talk about confusing, that would come by the hand of Peter Higgs and his boson.

We initiate our correspondence with our first range of Easy electro-pneumatic cylinders; these ten years have seen a significant evolution in our electric, pneumatic and overall automation solutions. We have visited you monthly to tell you what’s going on. A way to be with you. A way to share our expertise formatted as an electronic newsletter.

A pleasure having you on the other side, whether you’ve been there for the last 10 years, or 1 day.

Welcome to the November edition of the e-Matters,
The e-Matters Team
      SMC’s Packaging Solutions

Filled with solutions for you

Thermo-forming, Filling, Sealing, Shrink Wrapping, Case Erecting, Conveying, Case packing, Palletising. These are some of the parts of your process.

These are our solutions for them, and the benefits for you:

  • Temperature control equipment – Improve performance & reliability
  • Products & Materials compliant with your process - Ensure product & process hygienic conditions
  • Static electricity removal solution - Guarantee final product quality
  • High-speed guarantors - Keep up your productivity
  • Smart Flexibility - Achieve the Smart Flexibility your customers demand
  • Environmentally-resistant products - Operate smoothly in micro-powder environments.
We support you in every step of your process. We support you worldwide. We support you with our local packaging experts. They’ll be glad to discuss your application with you.

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EX600-WPN Series – Wireless System with Profinet

Less is definitely more

Our innovative, decentralised, wireless fieldbus system is now compatible with Profinet. Enjoy all the advantages of not needing wires in your communication.

Benefits for you:

  • Less cables & connectors, less installation & maintenance, less breakage & disconnection risk. Less – Wireless system
  • Achieve totally reliable, noise-resistant communication – Frequency hopping and data encryption in the 2.4 GHz ISM band
  • Put it to work anywhere – Suitable for any application, being ideal for welding environments, tool changes in robot arms or rotary/indexing tables
  • Introduce flexibility in your machines – Simple layout modification & quick connection.
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SMC’s Sensors & Switches

Do you need to know how your installation is working?

Sensor measuring needs are as vast as the solutions we have to cater for them.

Do you need...

  • To decrease your air line consumption? For you, our large flow digital flow switch
  • To confirm suction for workpieces containing moisture? The solution is our vacuum sensor for general fluids.
  • To know how much coolant your machine tool is consuming? Try our electromagnetic flow sensor.
  • A robust sensor for a narrow space? Then the best is our remote type pressure sensor coupled with a monitor to centralise the values.

Take a peek into the wide range of sensing solutions we’ve got for you.

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