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AMS20/30/40/60 series

Level up your compressed air management

AMS20/30/40/60 introduces the next generation of air treatment systems. With this combination of regulator, wireless hub, and residual pressure relief valve, you can monitor the temperature, pressure and flow of your system and program shut-off times and standby periods to save energy during low-activity times.

Furthermore, with SMC’s AMS20/30/40/60 Series you will:

  • Digitalise your compressed air installation - Virtual control of parameters with fieldbus or OPC UA data collection
  • Save energy and improve sustainability - Programmable automatic pressure reduction and shut-off times
  • Enhance your maintenance capabilities - Measurement and follow-up of flow, pressure and temperature
  • Reduce labour and wiring time - Wireless connection up to 100 meter range and 10 unit connection.

AMS20/30/40/60 related information

See for yourself how AMS20/30/40/60 can really "Level up your compressed air management"

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