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September 2020

SMC launches solenoid valve for harsh conditions

SMC has designed a direct operated 2-port solenoid valve that can withstand the harshest of environments whilst saving energy.

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Junio 2020

SMC introduces new IN-777 air servo cylinder

For installations that require precise and efficient control in challenging operating conditions, SMC launches its new IN-777 air servo cylinder for multipoint positioning and control

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Marzo 2020

SMC launches new multi-channel digital sensor monitor

The monitoring of multiple lines within a plant has become easier thanks to SMC’s new PSE200A 3-screen display, multi-channel digital sensor monitor.

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Febrero 2020

SMC launches compact type parallel style air gripper

SMC is meeting the challenge of speed and precision presented by the increasing use of robotic arms on production lines with its new JMHZ2 compact type parallel style air gripper.

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Enero 2020

New Digital Flow Switch Manifold from SMC offers centralised control

A new digital flow switch manifold from SMC simplifies the flow and temperature control of production lines and facilities by housing switches in a single manifold.

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Noviembre 2019

SMC unveils new ISO locking cylinder

SMC extends its cylinder range with the launch of its new ISO locking cylinder, CP96N-C96N that has a stronger holding force and is ideal for intermediate stops and drop prevention.

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SMC launches world’s smallest solenoid valve

In response to working closely with its customers and identifying a need for space optimised and cost efficient solutions, SMC launches its JSY 5-port Solenoid Valve with the shortest valve width in the world at 6.4mm.

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Septiembre 2019

SMC reveals its smallest compact speed controller to date

SMC has responded to market demand for smaller components with the JAS compact speed controller. Its launch means SMC now offers a complete range of ‘compact’ solutions that also includes cylinders and small integrated auto switches.

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SMC’s digital gap checker is Industry 4.0 ready with IO-Link communication

SMC’s latest digital gap checker, ISA3-L, features IO-Link compatability, offering manufacturers greater control of applications and more information at a glance with its 3-screen data display.

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Abril 2019

SMC launches energy efficient air pulse valve

SMC has added to its extensive valve range with the JSXFA, a high peak pressure pulse valve, that is also fast to respond and uses low air consumption, to guarantee energy savings.

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