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Janeiro 2021

Expertise in: understanding your daily needs

Cobots and end effectors team up for affordable flexible solutions. While robotics led the way for the rapid growth of automation, we see cobots as the democratisation of robotics technology. They eliminate the cost and complex programming that robots usually require while providing much greater flexibility. By Andrea Trifone, Cobot project leader, SMC Italy

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Junho 2019

SMC grows European market share

SMC Corporation announces its fifth year of consecutive sales growth for its European business, posting a 6.3% increase to deliver annual net sales of €745.87 million.

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Janeiro 2019

SMC in the driving seat with innovative solutions at Tire Technology Expo 2019

TIRE TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2019 5 – 7 March 2019 Deutsche Messe Exhibition Centre, Hanover Hall 21, Booth 9064

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Outubro 2018

SMC showcases life sciences solutions

COMPAMED 2018 12 -15 November 2018 Düsseldorf Trade Fair, Düsseldorf, Germany Hall 8B, Stand H04 Visitors to this year’s COMPAMED will have a chance to view SMC’s diverse range of specialist solutions for the Life Sciences industry.

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Fevereiro 2018

SMC’s Serial Interface Solutions – EXpand your communications

Would you like to take your industrial communications a step further?

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Janeiro 2018

SMC's Ionizers – And see the gain

Eliminating static electricity and its nasty effects is easy and effective with SMC

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SMC gets to grip with powerful solutions at Tire Technology Expo 2018

TIRE TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2018 20 - 22 February 2018 Hannover Hall 21, Booth 7045

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SMC makes the grade in the FORBES Global 2000

Japanese automation firm, SMC, has been listed in the FORBES Global 2000 as one of the world’s largest public companies.

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SMC steps up control with its latest multi-axes step motor controller

SMC has extended its multi-axes control step motor controller range, with the launch of the JXC92. This new unit can control up to three electric actuators simultaneously, creating a range of savings and simplifying the process in terms of equipment, wiring, space and programming.

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SMC’s latest centring unit helps to save space and air

The MACM is a new centring unit from SMC that helps to align and position heavy workpieces on the move, so manufacturers can install and operate more compact conveyor lines.

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SMC launches highly adaptable blue silicone rubber vacuum pad

The latest vacuum pad from SMC is the ZP3P, which has been designed to offer optimum absorbing performance and efficient handling. It features a blue coloured, silicone rubber pad that prevents wrinkles and is compliant with the FDA 21CFR§177.2600 elution test.

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SMC merges its digital pressure switch range in 2018 under the same design

SMC is building on the success of its ZSE20(F)/ISE20 pressure switch range that features 3-screen display, 3-step setting mode and selectable delay time function, with the ZSE20(F)#/ISE20# (A, B and C). The extended series will help operators deliver efficiencies in terms of control and time saving.

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Dezembro 2018

SMC’s new cylinder with lock unit guarantees easy handling

The MWB Series cylinder from SMC, features a separate lock unit that has been designed with the operator in mind. Versatility and simplicity are key to this latest design with installation and maintenance time kept to a minimum.

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Novembro 2018

SMC launches digital flow switch for large flow

The latest digital flow switch to join the SMC family, PF3A7#H, monitors the consumption of the main line with a 100:1 ratio.

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SMC remains in pole position with enhanced air slide table

SMC has launched an air slide table that is believed to be the most precise, compact and lightweight, offering outstanding performance.

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Setembro 2017

SMC’s new soft start-up valve cuts energy consumption

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has updated its AV directional control valve that consumes as little as 0.35W and is suitable for continuous energising.

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SMC rolls out its most compact cylinder featuring a linear guide

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has launched a compact cylinder with an integrated linear guide. The innovative MXZ Series benefits from using the design of a compact cylinder, coupled with a linear guide that delivers market leading accuracy and linearity.

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SMC’s new 3-screen monitor is latest addition to its sensor family

SMC has introduced the PSE300AC Series to the monitor market. It simplifies the remote monitoring of different types of sensors being used on a factory floor. Thanks to the display colours and screen layout, the PSE300AC allows three different items to be watched at the same time, enabling operators to view the status of applications at a glance.

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SMC’s latest main line filter features high filtration and water removal capabilities

SMC has launched a new stainless steel main line filter with 1 µm nominal filtration rating. The AFF#D Series can remove water droplets without the need for an additional water separator, creating greater efficiencies and space savings.

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SMC brings solutions to life at COMPAMED 2017

COMPAMED 2017 13 -16 November 2017 Düsseldorf Trade Fair, Düsseldorf, Germany Hall 8B, Stand H04 Visitors to this year’s COMPAMED will have a chance to view SMC’s diverse range of specialist solutions for the Life Sciences industry.

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Agosto 2017

SMC’s latest valve offers a modular solution for FRL units

The latest VP#17 Series from SMC completes the portfolio of 3 port pressure relief valves for FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricator) units, where electrically operated valves are required.

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Julho 2017

SMC showcases the right tools for the best performance at EMO 2017

EMO 2017 18 - 23 September 2017 Hannover Exhibition Centre Hall 6, Stand H66 SMC, a global leader in pneumatic and electrical automation technology, will be taking a step into the future as it reveals its tool box of solutions for operators working towards Industry 4.0 at this year’s EMO.

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Junho 2017

SMC’s launches new air saving speed controllers

SMC has launched two air saving speed controllers that reduce energy consumption and are as simple to operate as standard models.

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May 2017

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VXB Series, angle seat valve for air, steam and heated water that delivers an extended operating life, low leakage levels and a compact design, now providing an easy visual check too.

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SMC helps customers ‘EXpand’ their communications

The sharp growth in manufacturing automation and the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things has seen a rise in interest for SMC’s serial interface solutions.

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SMC gives the power of motion to customers

SMC customers can feel the full force of its electric actuator range thanks to ongoing investment in its product portfolio that now delivers total movement and control for any application.

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Keeping five steps ahead of energy efficiency

In our 24/7 economy and as Governments and industries battle with our thirst for ever increasing supplies of energy, the global automation specialist, SMC, commits to work in partnership with its customers to drive energy efficiency and reduce wastage.

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SMC Gives Customers Peace of Mind For 2017

Industry is being offered ‘peace of mind’ in 2017 as SMC highlights the opportunity to improve production and ultimately costs through a focus on efficient temperature control.

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SMC’s success continues following investment in R&D and recruitment

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has recorded another year of growth across its global network, reporting total operating income of €1,187.81 million and net sales of €4,140.72 million [€633.9 million for Europe], an uplift of 3%.

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SMC showcases its unique portfolio of cooling and tempering devices at Laser World 2017

LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS 2017 26 to 29 June 2017 Munich Trade Fair Centre, Messe, Germany Hall B3, Stand 351 SMC will be revealing its diverse range of cooling and temperature controlling devices that combine both high and constant cooling capacity with optimum cost effectiveness at this year’s Laser World.

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April 2017

SMC rolls out two new compact cylinders

SMC’s latest compact cylinders, the JMGP guide cylinder and the compact JCQ Series, have been designed with weight and space savings in mind. Both help to reduce machine sizes and costs, and deliver increased efficiency due to their lightweight nature which could enhance cycle time.

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March 2017

SMC Launches New 2/3 Port Media Separated Valve

SMC’s new 2/3 Port media separated LVMK20/200 valve series has been designed to prevent armature sticking and corrosion that in the past has led to equipment or valve failure. By preventing fluid from entering the solenoid assembly, it remains pollution free from oil, metal and dust particles, improving overall performance and reliability.

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SMC unpacks its customer solutions at INTERPACK 2017

INTERPACK 2017 4 to 10 May 2017 Messe, Düsseldorf, Germany Hall 15, Stand D58 Visitors to this year’s INTERPACK will have a chance to view SMC’s energy efficient automation solutions, machine safety components that meet ISO 13849, as well as clean design products for the food industry.

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January 2017

Speedy set-up guaranteed with new smc controllers

Two new in-line speed controllers from SMC have been unveiled which are quick and easy to set-up and operate. The in-line type AS features a new push-lock knob, offering simple locking and setting. The AS-FS comes with an indicator that allows for accurate adjustments.

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SMC Is The Perfect Component to Drive Exhibitors To Tire 2017

TIRE TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2017 14 - 16 February 2017 Hanover Hall 2, Stand 5088 SMC, a global leader in pneumatic and electrical automation technology, will be showcasing its range of products for the Tire industry, focusing on energy efficiency, machine safety and Industry 4.0, at this year’s Tire Technology Expo.

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