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SMC Expertise in: Meeting your challenges

Because it’s not just about cylinders, valves or even flow sensors. What really matters to us is what you can do with them.

Get some inspiration from when our customers bring our products to life

SMC hits the sweet spot at chocolate machinery manufacturer

The class-leading service and breadth of products available from SMC is helping a leading machine builder to maintain and extend its prominent position in a highly competitive global market. HACOS designs, produces and installs high-quality chocolate manufacturing machines that spur the development and growth of every size of chocolatier, from artisans to large industrial producers. The company builds from small to very large machines that cover all chocolate manufacturing processes, necessitating the use of a high-calibre technology partner with a proven track record in industrial control and automation. 

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Girbau optimises the energy efficiency of its automated ironing line in collaboration with SMC

Sustainability and reduction of energy consumption have been key values for Girbau for many years. The company has recently launched a new ironing unit that is part of a complete automated line. Close collaboration between Girbau and SMC has made it possible to improve ironing quality and achieve an energy saving of 30%, a reduction of 25% in compressed air consumption and a 25% increase in the useful life of textile coatings.

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A rebirth in the name of innovation

SMC, the world leader in pneumatic automation, and DMC Automation of Turin, which has created a robotic island equipped with SMC components, including an innovative wireless control transmission system, is a solid and stimulating technological partnership oriented towards the search for cutting-edge solutions.

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Face to face, not virtual

While large companies are focusing entirely on digitisation, many small and medium-sized businesses are dependent on person-to-person support. Instead of investing energy in developing digital platforms, the innovativeness in this segment primarily arises from integrating external expertise into the development process. And this happens in an entirely hands-on, face-to-face manner, rather than virtually. The great success of this method indicates that it won't be going out of style in a hurry.

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SMC Expertise in: Meeting your challenges

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