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Energy-efficient SMC ZHV vacuum flow delivers benefits in highly demanding applications

Energy-efficient SMC ZHV vacuum flow delivers benefits in highly demanding applications

All sectors across general manufacturing and automation can take advantage of the SMC ZHV air amplifier, a new product that offers high flow rates which are fully adjustable to suit specific customer requirements. This energy-efficient, compact and lightweight solution functions as either a blow-off or vacuum unit.

Many applications demand high suction (vacuum) or discharge (blow) flow rates, but these come at the cost of high compressed air consumption. To overcome this issue, the SMC ZHV uses the Coandă effect to amplify the supply flow rate by three times for suction (up to 5270 l/min) and by four times for discharge (up to 6820 l/min), driving cost savings through an energy-efficient solution of up to 1:4. Importantly, the flow rate is fully adjustable according to individual customer needs.

High efficiency ratios
The ZHV is very efficient in vacuum applications thanks to its 1:3 ratio. Notably, the high suction flow makes the new air amplifier suitable for vacuum tasks that include dust collecting (with the addition of an optional dust bag), the transfer of granulates, as well as permeable or porous workpieces.

For blowing, which is one of the most wasteful compressed air applications, the ZHV is more efficient than a standard nozzle with its 1:4 ratio. Typical applications include blowing away water droplets or machining chips, cooling plastic mouldings or PET bottles, or reducing the temperature of plastic welding machines.

Ready to use
SMC’s new ZHV is a renewal of its ZH-X185 series. As a point of note, the ZHV is completely interchangeable with the ZH-X185, simplifying adoption for users.

Among several feature upgrades is the potential to adjust the blow and vacuum flow rate quickly and easily according to specific requirements. By turning the nozzle anti-clockwise it is possible to increase the suction flow, which subsequently increases the vacuum pressure and discharge flow rate. Similarly, by turning the nozzle clockwise, users decrease the suction flow, which has the effect of reducing the vacuum pressure and discharge flow rate.

Another change from the previous-generation product is a far more compact and lightweight design. Many machine builders and manufacturing plants are under pressure to reduce machine size simply because factory space is so valuable. The optimised profile of the SMC ZHV offers a reduction in internal volume of up to 50%, depending on the model selected. Weight is also up to 50% less, helping to reduce moments of inertia in mobile applications and thereby increase productivity. Furthermore, the ZHV air amplifier offers Rc, G and NPT threads for the air supply port.

Familiar benefits
The ZHV also retains many advantages of the ZH-X185, such as a large passage diameter to vacuum material such as dust generated by resin-cutting machines. Available passage diameters are 13, 21.6, 30 and 42 mm.

Last but not least, the easy-to-install ZHV is air driven (no electricity required) to ensure maintenance-free operations. This contrasts to an electric blower, for example, which needs motor servicing, a task that increases maintenance costs and machine downtime.