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Machine tool industry

Complete solutions for ongoing challenges

Machine tools are an integral part of the manufacturing process and indispensable to the industry, particularly for those reliant on interchangeable components. The category includes a wide range of equipment - lathes, presses, milling machines, laser cutters, shapers – and makes up a significant proportion of all manufacturing devices. Machine tools are therefore a key component of the global market. Europe produces 35% of the machine tools in the world (European Association of the Machine Tool Industries CECIMO, 18 June 2019). This is a substantial figure that cannot be ignored.
Nowadays, the main challenge for machine tool companies is to train mechanical, electronic and electrical engineers in the smart and flexible manufacturing processes that result in more productive lines with shorter cycle times. SMC’s global presence allows us to be close to our customers, understanding their needs and developing products that adapt to the challenges they face, taking into account the latest industry trends such as reducing weight and consumption, and increasing precision.
At SMC we make your machines more competitive thanks to our wide range of industrial automation products, from air treatment to laser equipment. Discover some of our solutions below.

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“The machine tools industry has evolved with the development of both hardware technology and software applications. This has resulted in machines becoming faster, intelligent, and versatile. At SMC, we have also been developing our solutions to enable them to rise to the challenge and provide our customers with that edge their machines need.”

Werner Baumann | Distribution manager

Air preparation and supply

Poor air quality directly affects production quality and performance. Using clean air saves energy and prolongs the life of machines and installations. 
Discover some of our solutions that will help you to obtain the required air quality and distribute it through your facility.



Knowing what is happening in the machines is fundamental to guarantee the productivity and efficiency of your processes. 
Here are some of the SMC solutions to help you easily obtain this information.


The refrigerant circuit demands considerable energy consumption within an installation, so designing machines with energy-efficient components is crucial. Below you’ll find some of the solutions that SMC offers for your application.

Automatic Doors/Transfer

During the process of handling, positioning and inspection of parts it is necessary to make precise movements to guarantee the quality of the final product.
Below we show you a wide range of products to suit the needs of each application.


Discover our energy-efficient solutions for blowing

Laser beam machine equipment

In applications where laser equipment is used, it is necessary to use temperature control equipment to guarantee a stable temperature of the fluid, as well as components resistant to this type of complex environment.

Discover our solutions for these applications.