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SMC Gives Customers Peace of Mind For 2017

Industry is being offered ‘peace of mind’ in 2017 as SMC highlights the opportunity to improve production and ultimately costs through a focus on efficient temperature control.

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, is helping industry keep its cool as the focus on rising production costs hots up in 2017.

The company has launched its new initiative, ‘Give Yourself Peace of Mind’ that highlights the benefits for plant operators, for example, in the machine tooling, printing and packaging industries, to effectively control the temperature of heat generating equipment using thermo-chillers. 

A spokesperson from SMC said: “Poor temperature control is still an issue for many operators who lose out financially due to high levels of rejection rates, poor product quality and unreliable processes. 

“Our HRS thermo-chiller range is the smart solution that delivers proactive temperature control of heat generating devices within strict limits.  This effective control gives customers peace of mind due to improved productivity, machine performance and extends the service life of the equipment.  It’s one thing less for operators to worry about, so they can concentrate on more pressing production needs.”

The HRS thermo-chiller range features a standard, basic and high level type to cater for a wide range of applications.  The HRSE is the entry level type, which features 12 alarms and uses air-cooled refrigeration, with a cooling capacity of 1.0 to 1.9 kW and temperature stability of ±2.0 ºC.  Alternatively, the HRS and the HRSH offer air-cooled and water-cooled refrigeration types, heating capabilities with advanced control functions and remote control via RS232C, RS485 and contact I/Os.   They are both suitable for almost any application, including outdoor installations when using the larger models.

The HRS is the standard type and is the original thermo-chiller from SMC, with a reputation for offering customers peace of mind thanks to its accuracy and reliability.  Key features include a temperature stability of ±0.1 ºC to ±1.0 ºC, a wide range of cooling capacities reaching 13 kW and up to 42 alarms, depending on the model.

The HRSH is the most advanced thermo-chiller from SMC, featuring a triple inverter that controls the compressor motor, fan and pump and is subsequently highly economical to run.  It has a temperature stability of ± 0.1 ºC, a large cooling capacity up to 28 kW and as many as 44 alarms.

To find out more about SMC and how it’s the single supplier for many of its customers thanks to a worldwide network of experts and support, together with an extensive range of global-friendly products, including its Thermo Chiller range, visit