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Valve automation

Keep your valve under control

Industrial valves control and regulate the flow of gases, steam or liquids in pipelines. If necessary, the valves also shut off the flow.

In order to do all this automatically, industrial valves require the following three components:

  • Actuator
  • Compressed air supply
  • Positioner

Find out more about our specific solutions for these three components.

Discover our solutions for valve automation

Find out which products can help you achieve high-end quality with our customised solutions for valve automation

Find below our specific answers for valve automation.

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Booster Relay

An ideal solution to increase the operating speed of an actuator. Primarily to be used combined with a positioner.

Lock-up Valve

To keep the actuator at last position in case of air supply failure.

Filter Regulators

To be fitted normally with a pressure regulator and filter. Altogether they control the pressure and ensure the right air quality.


Use it to keep an automatic valve open at a specified position, according to an input signal.

Solenid Valves

For the ON/OFF control of automatic valves.