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Don’t let static be an issue this winter

Static electricity is an invisible but costly problem for manufacturers that can cause both production issues and lower quality products. This issue can only get worse as winter sets in and temperatures plummet, warns SMC.

However, the company is offering customers a cure for the winter blues with a series of ionizers to neutralise the build-up of static.  

Cold air holds less water vapour, which means the atmosphere is less conductive and encourages static electrical conditions.  In response, SMC has developed a full suite of ionizers that not only offer antistatic solutions, but are also suitable for dust removal and dust collection leading to reduced production costs, improved performance, increased efficiency and improved safety. 

A spokesperson from SMC said: “Poor static control is still an issue for many operators who lose out financially due to high levels of rejection rates, poor product quality and unreliable processes.  Cooler winter conditions can make this problem worse, and we’d encourage customers to take preventative action now.

“Our ionizers offer simple solutions that deliver effective static control for numerous applications. 

“Thanks to SMC’s global reach, our clients benefit from complete and specialist solutions, so they can concentrate on more pressing production needs.” 

SMC’s antistatic products include the bar type IZS that remove electrostatic from both flat and remote surfaces.  Available in three different models, the IZS40 is very simple to use with an ON/OFF only power function.  The IZS41 has a feedback sensor that features both an energy saving and continuous neutralisation run mode.  The Dual AC type IZS42, has reduced potential amplitude of 25 V or less.  It’s easy to adjust and reduces maintenance time thanks to an auto balance sensor that is built-in as standard. 

For those seeking a handheld fan type ionizer, the IZF is designed to operate without the need for compressed air supply. The IZF21/31 has an ion balance of ±5 V and an optional adjustable louver to change the static neutralisation area. 

It’s highly functional, with the option for automatic cleaning and flow rate adjustment.  A filter can be added to prevent foreign matter from entering the motor that helps avoid a short-circuit occurring between emitters.  A quiet alternative is the IZF10, which includes a low noise model of just 48 dB(A) and an electrode needle contamination detector.

Operators working in confined spaces or on small pieces can opt for the IZN nozzle type that removes both electrostatic and dust.  There are various nozzles to choose from for different applications, ranging from standard to high flow.

Finally, SMC also offers a fully integrated solution that allows operators to box up their dust and static issues.  The ZVB Box manages static neutralisation, dust removal and dust collection in a single box by using nozzle type ionizers.  Other outstanding features include emitters that are easy to remove, replace and clean and an optional photoelectric sensor reflecting plate for automatic workpiece detection.

SMC is the world leading expert in pneumatics and offers over 12,000 basic products with over 700,000 variations. The company has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information, please visit