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New SMC pinch valve ideal for medical and food applications

New SMC pinch valve ideal for medical and food applications

Leading industrial control and automation solutions specialist, SMC, is adding a new range of pinch valves to its expansive offer for medical device and food system OEMs. With the new LPV series valve, fluid does not come into contact with any moving parts, avoiding the potential for contamination. Moreover, by simply discarding the tube after use, there is no longer any need for a washing process, ensuring good hygiene. SMC’s energy-saving LPV pinch valve is suitable for controlling a wide range of analytical, medical and food industry fluids.

With no direct contact between the fluid and the valve, users experience unobstructed flow and minimal pressure drop. Pressure drops are problematic as they can sometimes lead to equipment malfunction. No direct contact between fluid and valve also means no approvals are required, helping to provide a cost-effective solution for design engineers.

Zero dead volume
A major feature of the new SMC LPV pinch valve is zero dead volume, which makes for easy cleaning routines. Dead volume is common in some valve types, leading to difficulties in cleaning the valve flow path and, subsequently, potential contamination of samples,

SMC’s compact LPV valve (20mm wide) is ideal for devices such DNA analysers and blood analysers (waste liquid line), as well as bacteria identification and inspection systems. Designers of liquid filling devices in the food and beverage industry will also benefit from the new valve. As a point of note, the valve offers the potential to reduce energy consumption thanks to a built-in power-saving circuit. Power consumption is just 2W.

Less tube damage
A further important advantage is that users of SMC’s LPV pinch valve will experience less tube damage due to the arc shape of the tube clamp, facilitating low maintenance and TCO (total cost of ownership). Furthermore, the presence of a U-shaped slot makes tube replacement easy and quick.

As a final point, with panel mounting, OEMs can easily avoid electrical issues due to the dispersion of liquid between the flow and coil sides of the valve. Direct mounting from the front is also possible, providing designers with flexible options.