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January 2017

Dear Reader,
Winter is in full sway and with its cold upon us, it´s time to talk about a predicament many times overlooked and that worsens with the cool temperatures.

Static electricity is a phenomenon you cannot see, but its consequences are fairly visible indeed. It provokes unstable processes, poor final product quality, unplanned stops or in some cases, workers being injured due to static discharges.

In order to assist you to effectively deal with static, our R+D engineers have been working on developing a broad range of ionizers so you get the most suitable weapon to tackle "the invisible enemy".
Another winter together.

Welcome to the January edition of the e-Matters
The e-matters Team


  SMC Solutions for the measurement, removal and control of static electricity

Fan Type Ionizers -IZF# Series

Fast static removal in your Hands

        When there is no air supply available, this is your best solution to fight static. Adjust its louver to your requirements (wide or narrow, horizontal or vertical) and remove static in as little as 0.5 seconds.

The IZF# Series is also easy to operate, thanks to its multiple functions and features.

Learn all about SMC´s Fan Type Ionizers here >>>>


Nozzle Type Ionizers -IZN# Series

Efficient local static removal

        When space is an issue or when you need a more focused static removal, the IZN Series is your best option.

Total mounting flexibility - 360 º nozzle rotation
High flow rate type available for long-range static or dust removal.

Learn all about SMC´s Nozzle Type Ionizers here >>>>


Bar Type Ionizers -IZS# Series

3 step-solutions for fast and effective static removal

        For general applications requiring fast, efficient and precise static removal, we´ve got our Bar Type Ionizers.

We have solutions ranging from the basic to the more sophisticated. Three products that will vary in terms of ion balance accuracy and monitoring requirements.

Thus, the IZS# Series will adjust to the exact level of demand of your application.

Learn all about SMC´s Bar Type Ionizers here >>>>

Electrostatic Sensing Solutions

If you want to know what is going on

        We´ve got an easy to mount electrostatic sensor, the IZD10 Series, and a 2-colour digital display, IZE11 Series, that will detect the presence of static that could affect your product and production.

Or a hand-held compact and portable sensor, the IZH10 Series, to easily check static wherever you want.

Learn all about SMC´s Electrostatic Sensing Solutions here >>>>

Antistatic Products

If you’re looking for prevention

        Check out our lineup of products that prevent the buildup of static electricity.

Antistatic tubing
Learn all about them here >>>>

Antistatic one-touch fittings
Learn all about them here >>>>

Conductive vacuum Pads
Learn all about them here >>>>

  SMC will be close to you

Tire Technology Expo 2017

        Hannover will hold the 17th edition of Tire Technology Expo, "the world´s most important tire manufacturing technology exhibition and conference".

From 14th until 16th of February you can visit us at Booth 5088 in Hall 2 and we will show you our solutions for your individual processes and the range of products that adapt to the specific requirements of tire production.

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