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We care about the future of engineering

We believe young generations hold the key to our future and, at SMC, we support and commit to a future-looking perspective on engineering, as the passport for the present

Across Europe, we support several projects, scholarships and events to promote opportunities in engineering. Some of them are:
  • SMC UK supports Worktree Charity who facilitate online conversations between school students and employees from all industries to bridge the gap between education and the working world. The objective is to encourage students to ask questions about how SMC experts came to be in their chosen career.
  • Sponsorship of TechTogether competition in Budapest, Hungary. The best opportunity to see how students would perform in a real life situations. The aim of this competition was to create a closer connection between students in higher technical education and companies in the automotive industry.
  • In Austria, we are proud of taking part in the implementation of the Smart Education Center at bfi Leoben, based on the idea that digitalization and automation require far-reaching changes in technical training and continuous education. In 2020, the 1st Smart Education Center was installed with SMC equipment, knowhow and extensive support. Target groups are young apprentices, students as well as employees of companies.
  • Since 2015, SMC Czech Republic and Slovakia  participate in “Silver piston” . A contest for students from technical high schools, all over both countries, where their beyond-the-classes knowledge and abilities are tested . This one-day session hopes to increase motivation among students towards automation. Last edition of the contest hosted students from 57 schools.
  • In Sofia, Bulgaria, at the Technical University of Sofia, SMC sponsors the department of Automation of Discrete Production for them to take part in scientific and technical conferences.

Our commitment to Ethics goes through...

We care about our employees

The safety, well-being and growth of our team members

We care about our employees

We care about our local communities

As part of our natural contribution to society’s development

We care about our local communities

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People matter. Our Planet matters. Because we care for both, we act in ways to create a more sustainable and better-shared future.