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Guide rod type (24 VDC) - LEYG, LEYG#E, LEG

Your everyday pushing & pulling solution. Extra support

  • Transfer optimally, as required – Rigidly, precisely and robustly
  • Boost your productivity & speed up your start-up – Battery-less absolute encoder. Up to 800 mm/s speed, 10000 mm/s² acceleration
  • Succeed in offering remarkable rigidity and precision – ±0.01 position repeatability. Up to 20 kg vertical displacement
  • Assemble it according to your needs – In-line or parallel motor.

And much more

  • Body size: 16, 25, 32, 40
  • Stroke: 30 to 300 mm
  • Compatible encoders: battery-less absolute, incremental
  • Step or servo motor
  • Workload: up to 150 kg.

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