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July 2016

Dear Reader.
In the same way that the sand on the beach changes shape to accommodate our steps, wouldn’t it be nice if everything else could do the same?

If you are a design engineer or you are in maintenance you might be already nodding your head, dreaming of solutions that adapt to you instead of you being forced to adapt to them.

This kind of flexibility is what our engineers have in mind when they are developing or improving our solutions, so that they adapt to you just like the sand on a beach. This month, we present you with our New VQC4000/5000 flexible 5 port solenoid valve with large flow capabilities.

Let’s keep on enjoying the summer with flexibility.

Welcome to the July edition of the e-Matters
The e-matters Team


  Innovations at a glance

Series New VQC4000/5000 - 5 Port Solenoid Valve - Connector Type Manifold

Flexible solution for large capacity requirements

  • Great capacity and versatility for your application; with the VQC5000, flow rates up to 4350 l/min in 41 mm pitch can be achieved.
  • Achieve improved flexibility, plug in unit as single unit and easier handling by using connector type manifolds and connectors whose entry direction can be easily changed.
  • A sturdy and long-lasting solution for you, as its built-in strainer prevents foreign matter from entering.

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        New VQC4000/5000 is the ideal solution for controlling all cylinders, in packaging machines, palletizers, conveyors or pick and place. It is especially suitable for controlling applications with cylinders up to Ø180 bore size.


  July´s Refreshments
We want to refresh the month of July with 2 products that have already been launched and have proved to be successful indeed.
Freshen up your summer with the PFMC and the PSE570.


Series PFMC - 3-Colour Display Digital Flow Switch
Resistant visual monitoring solution

  • It endures medium-harsh environment thanks to its IP65 protection enclosure.
  • It provides high and easy visibility of the monitoring conditions - set value and accumulate value can be displayed at the same time. Plus its display has rotating capability.
  • It adapts to your required measurement needs: 3 models available that range from 5 l/min up to 2000 l/min.
PFMC is the ideal solution for flow monitoring of the air for spray painting or for energy saving activities, as it can monitor the flow of equipment, of main and/or branch lines.

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Series PSE570 - Pressure Sensor for General Fluids
The sensor that saves you time

  • Its M12 connector reduces wiring time, saving you setting up costs.
  • You get further cost savings through its long service life - It has high resistance to excess pressure or abrupt surges.
  • The materials used give the sensor resistance to possible corrosion by gas / fluids. Material of parts in contact with fluid: C3604 + Nickel plating, Al2O3 (Alumina 96%), FKM + Grease.
PSE570 is the ideal solution for handling in any industry requiring the measurement of the pressure of non-corrosive gas or liquid. For example for liquid coolant pressure control, discharge pressure control for compressors or suction verification of a workpiece containing moisture.

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