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  SMC meets the need for speed with latest AC Servo Motor launch

SMC, the world’s leading provider of pneumatics, has upped a gear with its latest AC servo motor drivers that meet market demand for fast protocols and improved safety. The LECYM and LECYU have been specifically designed for use in applications that require high speed and precision positioning. Both models feature a Safe Torque Off (STO) function and fast protocols, suitable for interpolation. The addition of the STO prevents the torque energy from interfering with the motor and causing the drive to start unexpectedly. As there are no electromechanical components, switching times are also shorter. The other stand-out feature of the LECYM and LECYU is their compatibility with the super-fast protocol, MECHATROLINK, which is designed for accurate motion control and interpolation. This facility delivers greater productivity, managing speeds up to 100Mbps and reduced cycle times of just 125µs. Further efficiencies are driven through wiring and labour saving features that includes the integration of the lock cable within the motor cable and the opportunity to connect up to 62 drivers in line. In addition, they also feature an absolute 20-bit control encoder and a mechanical end stop offers easy positioning without the need for auto switches. Truly flexible, with the ability to work with a wide range of electric actuators across many applications, the LECYM and LECYU are particularly suitable for machinery and systems with axis motion. From its original pneumatics roots 53 years ago, SMC now has a team of 1,400 R&D engineers and is recognised as the worldwide leading expert in the pneumatics industry. The company offers more than 12,000 basic products with over 700,000 variations and has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information about SMC and its quality products visit

  December 2014