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  SMC unveils lightweight tie rod cylinder

SMC, the world’s leading pneumatics provider, has introduced a lightweight tie rod cylinder that offers customers benefits. The MB-Z series is up to 16% lighter than previous models thanks to the new design of the rod and head covers, delivering competitive advantages. This latest upgrade is part of SMC’s ongoing commitment to drive optimum product performance and functionality, whilst offering flexibility with a broad range of mounting brackets and the ability to mount both compact and magnetic field resistant auto switches on 4 tie-rods. There are further options to mount 2-colour indication solid state auto switches, which remove the risk of mistakes when it comes to mounting positions. Ideal for general industrial equipment, the MB-Z can carry out various manoeuvres: flipping, clamping, lifting, transportation and turning. And bespoke environments are also catered for thanks to the range of made to order products including a heat resistant cylinder, a tandem cylinder and different parts of the cylinder made of stainless steel to name just a few. Recognised as a global technology leader and voted for the third consecutive year as one of the world’s most innovative by leading business magazine, Forbes, SMC has a diverse customer base covering all automation industries. For more information about the MB-Z, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

  February 2014