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Vacuum Unit. Ejector System/ Vacuum Pump System - ZQ*A

The all-in-one compact energy-saving solution

  • Achieve efficiency – Ejector, pump and manifold system in a single unit
  • Get compactness and lightness – Ideal solution for moving tools, 10.2 mm width and weight as low as 60 g
  • Reduce your running costs – Energy-saving digital vacuum switch for up to 90 % air consumption reduction
  • Make your system efficient – 0.4 W of power consumption and vacuum release pressure from 0 MPa.

And much more

  • Nozzle sizes: Ø 0.5, Ø 0.7, Ø 1.0
  • Suction flow rate of up to 22 l/min
  • Max. vacuum pressure of -80 kPa
  • Pressure switch variations
  • Various solenoid valve combinations (supply valve / release valve).

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