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Sustainable becomes attainable with SMC

 By Iván Martínez, Industries Manager, SMC Spain

The ethos of corporate responsibility, sometimes called corporate social responsibility (CSR) or business sustainability, begins with recognising that the activities of your business impact on society, the environment and the economy, as well as your employees. It makes good sense for your company to operate sustainably as the benefits extend from enhanced brand reputation through to better staff engagement. For sustainability managers at engineering companies, SMC drives sustainable development and delivers a highly positive impact through various CO2 emissions reduction initiatives. These efforts provide a major contribution towards attaining the ISO 14001 environmental management standard, and help any companies reporting their carbon reduction journey based on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, as set out in the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol.

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Deep customer partnership drives optimal automation solutions

 By Dan Ives, Senior Project Engineer, European Technical Centre

We work closely with our customers to develop solutions based on real-life projects that, for example, align directly with their goals. This approach provides SMC with a solid foundation for the development of optimal solutions, one that we ultimately roll out to benefit the wider industry. A case in point is the new Air Management System, which not only helps to reduce compressed air consumption, by up to 62%, but also cuts carbon emissions due to less air requirement in times of low or no demand.

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Fast-track your route to lower energy bills

  By Jeff Careless, Business Development Manager – Continuous Improvement, SMC UK

In an era where manufacturing and process plants are under increasing pressure from soaring energy bills and ever-tightening CO2 emissions legislation, it begs the question: is there a way to reduce my energy consumption quickly without compromising efficiency or output? The short answer is yes, with the right advice and expertise.

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The technical challenge of sustainable packaging  

 By Jorge Salgado, Food & Packaging Industry Manager, SMC Spain

The trend is clear, and there is no going back. Consumer environmental and sustainability concerns, in terms of plastic pollution and the rise of Circular Economy principles consciousness compel the packaging industry towards a more ethical packaging. This means using material easier to recycle like monolayer plastic or paper and reducing the quantity of material used. Moving towards sustainable packaging brings technical challenges to packaging machines. Furthermore, ensuring higher sustainability goes through higher efficiency. How? Keep on reading.

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Release the pressure  

 By Andy Still, Industry Projects Manager, Energy, Europe

APRIL 2021
The subject is more than serious. Pneumatic equipment accounts for about 20% of all factory power consumption and there is a proven way to improve energy efficiency: reduce the operating pressure. SMC explains how companies can achieve this objective and thus fall in line with manufacturing’s most important current trend.

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Meeting food industry challenges means having automation specialists directly on the factory floor

 By Diego Mirabelli – Industry Manager Food, Europe 

JUNE 2021
Between 2020 and 2027, the food processing market is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.04% according to Verified Market Search. The industry will have to increase its productivity while simultaneously dealing with a lack of workers and cost pressure. 
As most automation companies are focused on machine builders, SMC is differentiating itself by being present with the food manufacturers on their factory floor in order to identify the food industry’s most pressing challenges and help to overcome them.  In order to improve their productivity, factories must reduce downtime, implement more automation and improve energy efficiency, machine safety and hygiene. 

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Optimised fluid handling for life sciences analysers

 By Philippe Pinto – Industry Manager Life Science, Europe

MAY 2021
Who has not heard about the PCR test? In vitro diagnostics (IVD) in general and analyser in a more specific sense, have always played a key role in society as they are non-invasive tests performed on biological samples (for example blood, urine or tissues) to diagnose or exclude diseases. Covid-19 has put IVD in the spotlight and diagnostic tests are, unfortunately a normal part of our daily conversations. The professionals in IVD already knew that an early diagnosis can make the difference; that the right diagnosis can make the difference. Now we all know. In this context it is no wonder that a key target for IVD in general, and analysers in particular is for them to provide fast results as well as accurate ones. Appropriate fluid handling of these techniques plays a fundamental part in achieving the desired speed and accuracy. As fluid handling involves many critical components interrelating together, it is vital to involve a skilled partner able to supply proven solutions for the entire system, at early stages of development. And that´s SMC.

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Give your robot grippers ‘electric’ performance

 By Mattia Di Gaetano, TSE Mechatronic & Network, SMC Italia

APRIL 2023
There are many reasons to consider the use of electric rather than pneumatic actuators to drive your robot grippers, such as the accommodation of higher payloads, the ability to control gripper movements (not just open and close) and greater flexibility when changing workpiece size, weight or shape. If you are astute with your actuator selection you’ll also benefit from lighter weight to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Integrating your robot into a fully automated chain

 By Sampsa Paasisalo, Product manager at SMC Automation Oy

APRIL 2023
The industrial robots of today are less expensive, more flexible and easier to program than the robots we were seeing just few years ago. However, even though this ensures more companies are now able to consider robot adoption, how is it best to achieve optimum integration among your chain of operations? Well, several options are available, with the decision often dependent on factors such as your specific application and budget

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Cobots and end effectors team up for affordable flexible solutions

 By Andrea Trifone, Cobot project leader, SMC Italy

While robotics led the way for the rapid growth of automation, we see cobots as the democratisation of robotics technology. They eliminate the cost and complex programming that robots usually require while providing much greater flexibility.

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Minimise maintenance by extending the lifetime of your automation components


  By Mario Sánchez, Product Specialist Sales Team Manager, SMC Spain

APRIL 2023
The challenge with maintenance is that it’s an indirect cost with a direct impact on bottom-line profitability. Most manufacturing plants resign themselves to think it a necessary function, deploying all kinds of strategies to try and minimise the associated costs, typically preventive or predictive maintenance. While these approaches save costs in a variety of ways, there is another strategy that pays even higher dividends: no need for any maintenance. Simply by choosing quality products proven to offer long-term reliability in the given environment and working conditions, you can reduce your maintenance requirements and costs considerably.

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Don’t let actuator maintenance slide

 By Gerald Rammel, Product Manager Electrical Technology, SMC Austria

APRIL 2023
Depending on the series, here at SMC we rate the lifetime of our electric actuators at 5000 km or 30 million cycles without service or maintenance. There are many reasons for this performance level, including robust engineering and testing, alongside internal lubrication that is sufficient for the whole life of the actuator. However, implementing a simple yet considered maintenance schedule supports even more protection for your investment.

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Counting the real cost of incorrect or poor maintenance

 By Julien Caron, Technical Support Manager & Energy Efficiency Leader, SMC France

APRIL 2023
It’s tempting to cut corners on your maintenance operations. After all, maintenance is an indirect cost with a direct impact on your bottom line profitability. In reality, however, performing insufficient maintenance simply to save on costs is counter intuitive, with such an action incurring far more cost than it recoups.

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