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Air Treatment

Quality compressed air for efficient pneumatics

For engineers, compressed air is such an important resource that it is often cited as the fourth utility in industry – after electricity, water and gas. Studies estimate that ten per cent of all industrial energy is used just to compress air.

This SMC’s Expert Report is a five step roadmap from the most essential purification to clean-room quality air, with application requirements, risks and recommendations at each level of air quality. 

By following along, you can be confident in designing and building an air purification system that exactly matches the needs of the task at hand with no frills.

Are you keen on a technical approach on compressed air quality?

Download SMC’s Expert Report and learn how to treat your compressed air in the most efficient and appropriate way according to your needs.

Vit Reichelt | Customised services specialist | SMC Czech republic

“While the ISO standards are extremely useful in grading air qualities, they are merely recommendations that allow for a reasonable amount of freedom. This is beneficial in many ways, but also makes ensuring the ideal air quality for a certain process may be more difficult. This is because when faced with a complaint, the equipment suppliers will often just cite the ISO rating of the equipment, without actually testing the air to find out what’s wrong. While the air might meet a certain ISO standard, it still should still be tested at the point of use.”

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