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SMC’s solutions for the Tyre Industry

Your support on the road to excellence

Who hasn’t ever drawn a car? Artistic skills aside, surely three elements were definitely in your drawing: windows, chassis and wheels. Nobody can argue that automobiles need wheels, and this principle is so basic that it makes the tyre building process a fundamental pillar of the automotive industry.

To achieve high competitiveness within the tyre industry, without relinquishing on the best quality, SMC offers you the best allies to guarantee that the tyre production process performs to its full potential.

Discover our solutions for tyre industry

Find out which products can help you improve your productivity and achieve a high end quality with our specifically designed solutions for the tyre production industry.

Find in SMC "your support on the road to excellence"

“Whether it’s designing a new automatic pre-mixer dosing system for raw materials, implementing predictive maintenance in tyre building, increasing energy efficiency in curing or customizing a green tyre handling system, SMC products, services and expertise can add tangible value to your project.”

Paolo Gamarino - Tyre Industry Manager Europe

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The initial stage of building a tyre can’t be understood without talking about the harsh atmospheres and the demanding performance required by the transportation, dosing and weighting of the chemicals, and by the rubber compound mixing and cooling.

Components preparation

Components preparation is a continuous process requiring constant material feeding and long lines. It is of paramount importance that the machines work reliably, experiencing as few stops as possible and guaranteeing constant quality over time.

Bead building

From the wire preparation to the final assembly of the bead, each phase needs a precise control of the process conditions. Control the tension of the wire, ensure a correct winding and handle the finished parts easily with our products for each purpose.

Tyre building

For this stage, speed and reliability are the key to high productivity. With SMC, you can provide an innovative solution for your tyre building machine and help the process achieve the shortest time by digitalising the operations.


During the curing process, high temperatures are generated, and it is important that the components behave correctly under these extreme conditions. We have a product for each of the operations taking part in this stage of the tyre production: spraying, loading and unloading, shaping, mould cooling, cleaning, and process valve automation.

Inspection, handling & storage

It is crucial to verify that the tyres are sold without imperfections that could affect to their performance. Moreover, an efficient tyre handling, transportation and storage system can improve the overall plant productivity. This is the reason why at SMC we work hard to offer the highest quality solutions for industrial tyre manufacturing.