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Digital Flow Switch for Large Flow - PF3A7*H

Helping your efficiency

  • Employ a single product to detect leaks and keep air consumption in sight – 100:1 Flow ratio with almost zero pressure loss
  • Get more information at a glance – 2-line display with up to 3 simultaneous values and colour changes at switching points. Display rotates 90° and can be reversed
  • Smartly automate your monitoring process – IO-Link for online parameterization and extraction of numeric data. Parallel analogue output possible
  • Achieve an all-in-one solution – Possibility of connecting together with air combination unite.

Flere egenskaber og funktioner

  • Applicable fluid: air, N2
  • Flow ratio: 100:1
  • 3-colour 2-line information display
  • Outputs: IO-Link, NPN/PNP and analogue/external input
  • Rated flow ranges: from 10 to 12000 l/min.


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PF3A7*H-L, Digital Flow Switch for Large Flow with IO-Link

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