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XSA, Normally Closed, High Vacuum Solenoid Valve

At SMC we believe we have 'sealed it' with our refined XSA series high vacuum solenoid valve. Normally closed, the XSA offers high sealing with minimum leakage and a minimum operating pressure differential of just 1 x 10-6 Pa (abs). Highly versatile, it has compression and face seal fittings, a Faston terminal and greater choice of voltages. The spring has also been moved to the XSA's body, reducing contact and minimising particle generation. Corrosion resistant, efficient, economical to operate and lighter in weight, are all new commercial advantages of the XSA that support our focus on developing innovations to drive energy savings and competitive advantages for customers. It is suitable for applications such as gas injection within the process chamber and when working with inert gases for industries such as food, medical, semiconductor, photovoltaic and LCD.