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Sustainable products

Designing products with people and the planet in mind

SMC works to reduce environmental burdens created by its products from the design and development phases through to the entire life cycle (manufacturing, packaging, transporting, use and disposal), and strives to produce environmentally friendly products.

By conducting product assessments, we also evaluate the environmental impacts of our products in terms of attributes such as resource-saving, long-life, energy-saving, safety, types and amount of packaging materials and waste disposal in order to develop environmentally sound products.

Because our carbon footprint matters

CO2 emissions are a top priority for SMC, as a part of our sustainability strategy. The sustainable design of our products, paying special attention to devising compact and lighter products, that address the carbon footprint both in our production process and in the usage stage.

Because our carbon footprint matters

For several years SMC has actively been working on tracking and reducing CO2 emissions related to its products. Interested in getting to know about the possibility of reducing CO2 emissions with SMC products? Simply click below.

CO2 reductions during manufacturing
CO2 reductions during usage

Our commitment to Sustainability goes through...

Sustainable factory

Achieving production efficiency while alleviating our carbon footprint


Relevant CSR documents

People matter. Our Planet matters. Because we care for both, we act in ways to create a more sustainable and better-shared future.