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SMC launches separate controller bar and nozzle type ionizers

SMC launches separate controller bar and nozzle type ionizers

SMC has unveiled the IZT ionizer series that offers customers a compact solution, with a separate controller to optimise space. The new design also offers enhanced monitoring capabilities, the bars and nozzles are simple to adjust, even when located in hard to reach spaces.

The new nozzle and bar type ionizers range from SMC features a separate controller to meet growing customer demand for a compact design where space is at a premium.

The IZT Series is available in four models – 40/41/42/43 – that prevent electrostatic breakdown of electric parts, allowing for safer manufacturing processes, as well as reducing production faults and derivative non-quality costs associated with faulty products.

Now that both bar and nozzle types ionizers are stand-alone units, they can be mounted in restricted spaces, with up to four being connected to one controller. This not only makes the ionizer easy to monitor and adjust, but the space required to house the controller is reduced while reducing installation time.

As the IZT features detection and maintenance functions plus LED display, the operation of the ionizer can be effectively monitored allowing any contamination of the emitter to be detected, further enhancing efficiency.
A spokesperson from SMC said: “We have responded to customer demand for compact ionizers that are small in size, but big in terms of ability.  The IZT Series delivers on every level and because the ions are discharged by compressed air, the electrostatic removal distance is extended, improving both production speed and output.  It is suitable for a wide range of industries, including semi-conductor production, high-performance film production and mask production.

The IZT is available with two types of low maintenance electrode cartridges, energy saving or high speed, delivering additional flexibility and choice for different applications. Both types are removable and replaceable for easier maintenance. With a flexible layout, offering bar length variations of 160 mm to 2500 mm and selectable air supply of right, left or both sides, the IZT bar type stands out for its adaptability. Plus choice of brackets for both bar and nozzle types further increases the versatility of the product.

For more information about the IZT Series, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Dec 11, 2020