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SMC launches solenoid valve for harsh conditions

SMC launches solenoid valve for harsh conditions

SMC has designed a direct operated 2-port solenoid valve that can withstand the harshest of environments whilst saving energy.

The latest solenoid valve from SMC, the JSX Series, has been created to resist adverse environmental conditions where there’s a need to control the on/off of air, water or oil.

The body and coil of the JSX are shrouded in stainless steel, so the valve is highly corrosion resistant, which in turn extends its service life and improves overall efficiency and productivity.  Further resistance is guaranteed as the enclosure is IP67 protected and meets international safety standards, facilitiating its export.

Other benefits of the JSX solenoid valve include an improved coil force, which has increased by 10% compared with its predecessor, while the power consumption has reduced by 14%.

A spokesperson from SMC said: “We understand the environmental challenges our customers face both on the shop floor and externally, so are always seeking ways to help them achieve greater productivity and energy efficiencies.  The JSX is a fine example of our design innovation and is a great addition to our solenoid valve range.”

Further flexibility has been worked into the design of the JSX to ease handling of the cables, which is notoriously time consuming, thanks to 360 degree coil rotation.

For more information about the JSX, please visit SMC’s New Product Section at

Sep 18, 2020