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C(L)KQG*50, Pin Clamp Cylinder, Built-in Standard Magnet

C(L)KQG*50, Pin Clamp Cylinder, Built-in Standard Magnet
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  • New CQ2 body for the existing C(L)KQG Pin Clamp Cylinder, Built-in standard magnet (Bore Size of 50 mm).
  • D-P3DWA type compact magnetic field resistant auto switch mountable, shortening protrusion by 5 mm compared with the D-P4DW type auto-switch.
  • Possibility to mount 2 auto switches on the same surface.
  • Wide range of guide pin types.
  • Optional locking mechanism available.
  • Precision adjustment of clamping height by choosing the with-shim type (0.5-3 mm).
  • 4 selectable body types.

Body Shape
Mounting Surface
Bore Size
Port Thread
Guide Pin Diameter
Guide Pin Shape
Clamp Arm Position
Clamping Height
Auto Switch
Lead Wire or Prewired Connector

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