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HRLE Series

Use one instead of two, now available for outdoors

Does your laser application need to control two different fluid channels, in unpleasant environments while dealing with space issues?

If your answer is affirmative, HRLE is your solution. Our compact dual channel thermo-chiller is capable of controlling two different channels by using one single chiller offering precise temperature stability. Furthermore, HRLE is also a space- & energy-saving, suitable for outdoor installation. Plain and simple, it is an all-in-one device.

With SMC’s Compact Dual/Basic Thermo-Chiller for Lasers you will:

  • Ease your cooling – 2 fluid channels can be controlled by one single thermo-chiller, thus having reduced footprint & wiring
  • Use it outdoors – Water splash-resistant. IPX4 compliant
  • Cut your costs – Reduced power consumption, only one refrigerator, fan and pump. No heater required.

Our new HRLE series is a 2-channel chiller for cooling laser units and optical systems that enables customers to control the set temperature for each system separately. This dual chiller solution, when compared with two separate units, provides compactness, plus space, and cost savings thanks to a small carbon footprint. What’s more, you will reduce energy consumption, save on CO2 and have a positive impact on your company’s sustainability.

Marco Taufer | Product Application Manager Temperature Control

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