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Electro-pneumatic regulators

Simple and smart control of your applications

How do our electronic pressure regulators work? 

Electronic pressure regulators control dynamically the air pressure in proportion to electronic signals. This will allow you to reduce the inlet pressure for your machine or installation in a remote way, for obtaining an accurate and precise pressure rate.

SMC offers a range of electro-pneumatic regulators that can fit your industrial systems in different situations: 

  • ITVH series is the ideal solution if you require high pressure regulation up to 3.0 MPa. It also allows to apply different gases such as air, argon, oxygen or nitrogen.
  • ITVX series will also be useful in applications that need a pressure rate of up to 2.0 MPa.
  • ITV series will adapt to customers’ requirements thanks to the different options it offers. Not only it can measure vacuum or positive flow rates, but its compact and lightweight design makes it the ideal solution for reducing the required installation space. 

From individual mounting to manifold mounting, our pressure regulators are the best choice to fulfil your needs.

Does this product suit your needs?

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ITV/ITVX/ITVH related information

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Why choose SMC’s electronic pressure regulators?

We will join customers on the road to Industry 4.0 and IIOT, offering them a smart solution, thanks to the different communication interfaces available. From IO-Link to some of the most common Industrial Communication protocols can be selected, such as CC-Link, DeviceNet™ or PROFIBUS DP.
Moreover, see the gain of joining SMC as a component supplier. We are able to promptly provide products that meet the needs of customers anywhere in the world. We are committed to ensuring that SMC is prepared for any emergency and that our business activities will not stop in the event of such an emergency, thus ensuring short delivery times.
We can help customers go towards the Energy Efficiency the industry is seeking for as our electro-pneumatic regulator can be used in plenty of applications in industrial automation, such as the following ones:

  • Fibre laser cutting
  • Purging in food and pet food industry
  • Winding tension control in the printing industry
  • PET bottle moulding machines
  • Proof pressure tests
  • Discharge rate control
  • Pressure control for adhesive application
  • Multi-stage control to analogue control
  • Leak tester.

See for yourself how ITV will help you obtain “Simple and smart control of your applications"

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