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IDK Series

No moisture, no problems

Do you want to prevent operational failure? Do you want to get rid of condensation in your system?

The IDK series is specially designed exactly for that, to diffuse water vapour. Moisture is usually generated inside the piping, causing several problems inside the pneumatic components. Thanks to SMC’s tube, you will prevent grease from being washed away, rust and other issues caused by condensation.

What benefits IDK offers you:

  • Avoid operational failure – Tube keeps condensation away
  • Lower your air & power consumption – No need for purge air and power supply
  • Save on labour and time – Quick insertion and removal with one-touch fitting

Does this product suit your needs?

Visit our online product catalogue to obtain all you need for building your solution: stock availability, 3D model, CAD file and much more.

IDK related information

See for yourself how with SMC’s IDK, you can be one step ahead in moisture control

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