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JSY Series

Space efficient. Friendly with productivity

Do you want to reduce the size of your robot's arms? Interested in improving your productivity or endorsing energy efficiency?

As per its compact size and reduced moment of inertia, the JSY series is suitable to perfectly fit in your robotics arms, end tools, or to be installed on moving parts such as rotary or indexing tables.

Moreover, you can also benefit from low power consumption and response times that will further increase the performance of your application. It has to be emphasised that its versatility and easy assembly makes it the perfect choice for any type of assembly.

The benefits of SMC's thinnest 5-port Solenoid Valve for you:

Save space – The thinnest valve in the world: 6.4 mm that will provide you a great flow    
Increase your productivity - Reduce cycle times considerably
Endorse Energy Efficiency & keep cool - Power saver provides a minim 0.1W and prevents from heating up 
Adapt to your specific needs – Flexible piping and any electrical connection with plug-in. Bottom or side ported with non-plug-in.


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See yourself how JSY Series is your "Space efficient. Friendly with productivity" solution.

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