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ZK2-A Series

The all-in-one smart energy-efficient solution

If you need to generate vacuum, why not do it while consuming significantly less air at the same time?

ZK2-A is an all-in-one solution that incorporates: a supply valve, a release valve, a vacuum switch, a vacuum break flow adjustment needle, a suction filter and a silencer. Thus it provides you with immediate savings in installation and maintenance expenditure.

Furthermore, ZK2-A is an energy saving solution that promotes efficient air consumption thanks to a 2-stage ejector which, in principle, increases air suction by 50% while reducing the air consumption by 30%. The consumption can be reduced a further 90% when choosing the digital pressure switch with energy saving function, which allows intermittent energising; i.e. the vacuum unit only gets activated when vacuum level falls below the desired value.

In summary, with ZK2-A Series you will:

  • Achieve efficiency – Ejector, pump and manifold system in a single unit
  • Lower your air consumption – Energy saving digital vacuum switch and a 2-stage ejector
  • Get compactness and lightness – Ideal solution for moving tools
  • Make your work place quieter – High-noise reduction silencer.

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