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Because it’s not just about cylinders, valves or even flow sensors. What really matters to us is what you can do with them.

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Girbau optimises the energy efficiency of its automated ironing line in collaboration with SMC

Sustainability and reduction of energy consumption have been key values for Girbau for many years. The company has recently launched a new ironing unit that is part of a complete automated line. Close collaboration between Girbau and SMC has made it possible to improve ironing quality and achieve an energy saving of 30%, a reduction of 25% in compressed air consumption and a 25% increase in the useful life of textile coatings.

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A rebirth in the name of innovation

SMC, the world leader in pneumatic automation, and DMC Automation of Turin, which has created a robotic island equipped with SMC components, including an innovative wireless control transmission system, is a solid and stimulating technological partnership oriented towards the search for cutting-edge solutions.

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SMC Expertise in: Meeting your challenges

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