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Compact Compressor − CRP

Compress all your problems

  • Generate positive or negative pressure for your application − Supplies compressed air in an environment with no air source
  • Enhance your machine's performance − Compact and lightweight design to allow installation in moving robots
  • Forget about daily maintenance − Oil-free reciprocating compressor
  • Install it in quiet areas − As low as 55 dB.

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  • Electric compressor or vacuum pump on the same device:
    • Max. Discharge pressure: 0.55 MPa
    • Max. Vacuum pressure: -70 kPa
    • Flow rate: 10 l/min.
  • Compact and lightweight solution:
    • W154 mm x H134 mm x D100 mm
    • 3.5 Kg.
  • Controller with alarm functions to check for trouble in the functioning of the machine
  • Usable in continous operation.

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